Видеоблог: «Как лучшего всего знакомится с Нидерландами»


Дорогие друзья предлагаем вам видеоблог Елены Кузьминой & Roger Sijben – «Как лучшего всего знакомится с Нидерландами»

We are happy to share our first film about the Netherlands. It is in Russian, subtitled in English, Dutch and Russian.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Link to bicycle rules and fines: https://www.fietsersbond.nl/ons-werk/…

Мusic: YouTube Bicycle Reunited

Video of train at 05:42 https://mixkit.co/

00:00 Entrance of the film

00:45 The best way to get to know the Netherlands from the inside and not just the outside

01:12 – about bicycles and bicycle rental

02:25 What rules must be followed to avoid getting fines while traveling through the country

03:05 – Shark teeth

04:24 – other fines

07:00 what do the inhabitants of the lowlands still remember of the Germans, even 75 years after the end of the Second World War

08:00 End words